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Brain Scans

My research fields

I worked closely with Jacobo Grinberg in a laboratory within the Psychology department at UNAM. Together, we dedicated countless hours to discussing the nature of consciousness and devising strategies to understand how it is produced. Our primary goal was to identify the electrophysiological correlates of conscious experiences. Jacobo was the founder of INPEC (National Institute for the Study of Consciousness), of which I am currently the director, carrying on with the challenge of understanding how our experiences are generated. Furthermore, I am the director o the Metacognition Institute. Dedicated to do pure research, but we are also actively participate in the community. For example, we are working with biofeedback technology to help us enhance our potential as human beings. ​In addition to this, I am conducting research in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I am supporting the Human-AI Empowerment Lab at Clemson University in their efforts to prevent 'hallucinations' in the responses of a popular LLM. This is another fascinating field, and I am interested due its epistemic repercussions on the long run.​​​

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