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Manuel Delaflor

Epistemologist, Philosopher of Science


Manuel is, in essence, a critical thinker with deeply rooted interests in philosophy, science, language, and human nature. His relentless pursuit of understanding fuels his quest for insights that elevate both individual and collective well-being.

His intellectual journey began with six years of collaborative work with Jacobo Grinberg at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where he was key to their most critical experiments, including the groundbreaking "Transferred Potential." His engagement extended to the Philosophical Investigations Institute and the Cognitive Sciences Group within the same university, enhancing his understanding of innovative research methodologies and theoretical frameworks, and advancing his views about cognition and neuroscience.


The intellectual nature of the stock market then attracted Manuel's mind, leading him to work for Liv Capital. He was hired for his innovative approach, working with highly advanced ideas such as inserting fractal patterns into financial algorithms. Manuel also explored the complex world of market sentiment, analyzing patterns through mechanical analysis of the emotional tone of investors and customers talking on social networks.


Manuel's creative interests also found expression in the art scene, blending photography with digital techniques, and winning prestigious competitions in Mexico and the UK. In 2015, his work was named "the jewel of the crown" by the Mexican Ambassador in London, a highlight of a year-long celebration between Mexico and the UK. His art has been exhibited in Budapest, Paris, Strasbourg, London, Frankfurt, and Mexico City.


As the current Director of the National Institute for the Study of Consciousness in Mexico (INPEC), Manuel's influence has been profound and far-reaching, exploring the intricate and fascinating relationship between cognition and consciousness. He is also working in the exciting landscape of Artificial Intelligence with the Human-AI Empowerment Lab at Clemson University. Simultaneously, he leads the pioneering development of biofeedback and analysis for the Metacognition Institute, an Anglo-Mexican joint enterprise. Manuel is the director and lead researchers at the Institute.


Manuel's rich tapestry of experiences culminates in his current writing project, a book on "Model Dependent Ontology." This epistemic framework summarizes his philosophical view and aims to sharpen our ability to comprehend the world and connect more intimately with the essence of existence.


While Manuel currently resides in England, his commitment and visionary pursuits transcend borders, as he continues to uphold his extensive work, research, and artistic contributions in Mexico and the USA.

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