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I'm currently writing this book. To find more about it you can ask to join my group on facebook where I'm actively discussing some of the implications of Model Dependent Ontology to our current world-views (just click on the name).

Philosophy has remained a crucial aspect of my existence, compelling me to always ponder "the big questions". The quest for answers has led me to years of exploring various books and schools of thought. My scientific background, particularly my study of electro-physiological correlates of conscious experience, further fueled my intellectual curiosity.

I was privileged to be part of a Cognitive Science Group at the National University in Mexico, further expanding my understanding of the human mind. In addition, my journey involved delving into spiritual dimensions through participation in intensive meditation retreats.


Over time, I came to certain realizations and consequently made the decision to document my understandings of what we perceive as "us" and "the world". The essence of the work lies in two main concepts: The way we make sense of what we see, and the way we connect with it.


The resulting work may not be straightforward to grasp, not because of its inherent complexity, but due to the necessity of shedding the conceptual baggage we unknowingly bear.

This journey, both fascinating and revealing, has ignited in me an intense enthusiasm. I eagerly look forward to sharing this passion with my readers in my forthcoming book

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