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Unravelling the Art of Sense-Making: A personal Journey

An eclectic collection of writings, interviews, videos and insightful tools designed to assist you in your personal journey to discover meaning and find connection

Ever wondered how a seemingly random amalgamation of words and concepts suddenly 'clicks'? What operates at the cognitive level enabling us to make sense out of the abstract? Is it pure intellectual process, a social endeavour, or something we're taught? Or perhaps, it is a bodily instinct, a product of our cognition?

These complex and fascinating queries have been my lifelong companions, fuelling my insatiable quest for answers. Through the evolution of my unique epistemic framework, "Model Dependent Ontology", that is becoming a book, I aim to explore these intricate dynamics. MDO strives to serve as an epistemic framework for examining the structural relationships between varying beliefs, belief systems, and abstract concepts like "knowledge" and "truth".

In this digital realm, you'll discover the latest progress on my book about MDO, as well as a diverse array of writings, interviews, and videos. You'll also find insightful tools crafted specifically to guide your personal journey towards finding - or creating - your own sense of meaning. These resources are also designed to help you forge a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. 

Welcome to my world - a sanctuary of curiosity and comprehension. I hope it enriches your quest.


Manuel Delaflor

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